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Air Conditioning Installation in Penrith- Cool Runnings Solutions

The team at Cool Runnings Solutions has been servicing the Penrith metro area all the way to the Blue Mountains for over 20 Years , and thanks to their in-depth knowledge of industry products, they are able to offer customers reverse cycle air conditioners and ducted air conditioning that are both high-quality and economical.

Cool Runnings Solutions, an authorised dealer and expert in air conditioning installation in Penrith systems designed in Australia for tough Australian conditions year-round, services all makes and models.


All of your air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems in the Sydney metropolitan region may be installed, maintained, and repaired by the highly qualified specialists at Cool Runnings Solutions NSW. Our professionals are qualified to identify and resolve any issues with your air conditioning systems, as well as to carry out necessary maintenance and repairs to keep them working cheaply and effectively. By adjusting all controls to the factory-recommended settings and then assessing the performance of the entire system using the appropriate tools and testing equipment, our maintenance programmes maintain your equipment operating at top efficiency.

We have certified experts with more than 30 years of experience that specialise in commercial and residential air conditioning and use top manufacturers like Panasonic, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Daikin, and Actron Air. Utilizing cutting edge technology, we can build simple to maintain systems that efficiently regulate the climate and create an environment free of hot and cold zones. A system of filters circulates air to provide cleaner, more hygienic air. As part of our commitment to lowering your operating expenses, we also offer ongoing professional monitoring. The best option for cooling comfort in your home or workplace is a ducted air conditioning system.

Cool Runnings Solutions NSW is an expert in the following sectors:

Hotels (Pubs and Clubs) (Pubs and Clubs)
Apartments and hotels
Hospitals (Private and Public) (Private and Public)
Dental offices and doctor’s offices
Office Structures
Rental Residences
Industrial and commercial locations 
Air Conditioner Repair in Penriith
An ineffective air conditioner performs poorly, wastes power, and ultimately costs you money. We advise our customers to abide by their terms and conditions and maintain the system annually even if the majority of manufacturers provide a 5-year component and labour warranty on their goods. The cost of your peace of mind is negligible. It’s the same as having your automobile serviced regularly.

SERVICE CHECKLIST FOR Cool Runnings Solutions

Observe and maintain filters
Observe gas levels.
Verify the running pressures
Verify that the heating, cooling, and other systems are functioning properly.
Examine airflow and raise air quality
Verify all of the electrical parts.
Verify the general health of the interior and outdoor units.
Clean the evaporator and condenser coils.
Verify any obstructions to outdoor fans (parts and gas extra) Additionally, we design and instal all ducted and split air conditioning systems from top brands. Repairs For both commercial and residential premises, Nepean Air NSW has a team of qualified experts with over 30 years of experience to Air Conditioner repair in Penrith all major brands of ducted, split, and weatherwall air conditioning equipment. Quick and dependable service with a 12-month parts guarantee and a 3-month labour warranty.

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